The Eternal City of Rome, Italy


life to reset

I arrived in Rome, in Roma Termini (Rome Central Train Station) to be exact, late in the evening of heavy rain and thunderstorm, a non-ideal welcome to one of my dream destination.

I booked a hostel close to the train station and I was very eager to reach it as fast as I could. I read enough stories and listened to Bill Bryson’s “Neither Here Nor There” audiobook prior this trip and knew about pickpockets circling around the train terminal, which made me cautious not to spend any more time than I should.

One quick observation though, gone are the gypsies usually mentioned on most guidebooks that visitors should be aware of, now they are replaced by South Asian men who mostly does not mean any harm but can be annoyingly persistent selling either umbrella or selfie sticks.

That first night in Rome, like a kid I fall asleep wishing…

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