THE NEXT BIG FIX: Polls, legislature votes and elections



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Status Quo 2  Evolution…

Hillary Clinton has beaten Bernie Sanders 53-51. Actually, she hasn’t: the 103rd vote was also a tie, so they did a best-of-five tossed coin to decide it. Hillary won 5-0, the odds against which are 31-1. But deciding a Presidential caucus race on the flip of a coin? It makes penalties after extra-time look positively scientific.

Meanwhile, until three days ago the polls had Bernie Sanders on a roll, having gone -12, tie, +8% over the previous three weeks. Suddenly, last Saturday Hillary pops out front by 8%.

“It was nuts” one Democrat activist told a local Des Moines journalist yesterday, “there was little or no security. Unauthorised people were wandering in and out all the time. It didn’t smell right”.

On the Republican side, Trump was 28% to Cruz’s 24%; like Sanders on Clinton, he had steadily gained ground since last August…

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