Sanders Can Take on Putin


The Ugly Truth

[Ariadna: As if Putin does not have enough problems as it is, now he has to face the terrifying prospect of Bernie Sanders possibly becoming the next POTUS. Don’t let his initials fool you, BS would be a formidable adversary to Putin.

As qualifications for foreign policy knowledge and experience, BS cited his years as mayor of Burlington, VT. People with little knowledge of American life, especially foreigners, are unable to appreciate the magnitude of problems the running of a metropolis like Burington poses: why the parking regulations alone!

Modest as he is wont to be, BS did not even mention his other qualification: Solzhenitsyn resided in his state for several years. OK, maybe this does not rate as highly as the up close experience Dubya had, who had the opportunity to gaze straight into Putin’s eyes and see his soul, but it is something, it is not, as they say in…

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